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Wui Kai Locks Manufactory Limited was established in Hong Kong in 1983. In order to cope with the structural change in the Hong Kong economy and to enhance our cost competitiveness, we relocated our production lines of furniture locks to Mainland China in 1986. Being backed up by massive human resources, we deployed our R&D efforts to develop a large collection of furniture locks. We began with several basic models and now our product models exceed 160 items at present, and are still increasing. With a factory size of 10000 square meters and over 400 workers, our monthly production capacity can reach 1.2 million pieces.Being a modernized industrial enterprise, we deeply believe in the importance of horizontal re-investment. A substantial amount of capital has been invested in new production plant and sophisticated machinery and equipment. Consequently, our customers are assured with the fine quality of our outputs.The brandname of “EVERGOOD” in furniture locks has virtually become a symbol of “reliable quality, reasonable prices and prompt delivery”. We have already earned the trust and recognition from our customers all over the world.

We cordially hope that with our spirit of high integrity, we could provide our customers with the best and the most satisfactory services.
       鹤壁宝盛利金属制品厂 有限公司是香港汇佳锁厂有限公司在国内的NBA外围竞猜 企业,本公司专门从事家具锁具的设计开发和NBA外围竞猜 ,并负责“EVERGOOD”及“金固”品牌家具锁的国内销售业务,是“EVERGOOD”及“金固”品牌的正式持有人。


       本公司从1986年在惠州成立至今,专注在家具锁产品的设计开发和NBA外围竞猜 ,从最初138等几款产品发展至今已经超过了160多款产品,目前还在不断增加之中。公司目前拥有厂房可用面积达1万平方米,一系列的先进NBA外围竞猜 设备和超过400人的熟练NBA外围竞猜 工人,每月的NBA外围竞猜 量可达120万件。

      作为一间现代化的工业NBA外围竞猜 企业,我们深信再投资的重要性,所以我们投入了大量的资金在新的NBA外围竞猜 设备以及专业的机械工具上,因此更有信心向我们的客户提供优质的产品和服务。
      公司建于1986年,是一家集研发、NBA外围竞猜 、销售于一体的家具锁具制造企业。从最初138等几款产品发展至今已经超过了160多款产品,目前还在不断增加之中。
  我们将在未来几年的发展中,本着“壮大主营、开拓新品,整合资源、精益管理,步入国际、协同发展”的经营宗旨,打造具有国际竞争力的著名家具锁具NBA外围竞猜 企业,成为国内领先、畅销国际的锁具品牌。
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